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Episode #7 | Sharing the Autism Diagnosis

Episode #7 | Sharing the Autism Diagnosis

A fantastic group of parents joined me for this emotional podcast on sharing the autism diagnosis.  This is one of my favorite episodes as we conversed on a variety of aspects of sharing the autism diagnosis. Here’s some of what you’ll hear this week:

  • Heartwarming stories of acceptance and understanding when parents have shared their child’s diagnosis.
  • Why sharing the diagnosis is easier today.
  • Misunderstandings and unforeseen consequences of not sharing the diagnosis.
  • Sharing from a dad’s perspective.
  • Why parents hesitate to share.
  • When it becomes your child’s choice whether to share this information.
  • Conversation around the difference between a diagnosis and a label.
Episode #1 | Dirty Looks in Public

Episode #1 | Dirty Looks in Public

If you’re an autism parent, then you know what I’m talking about.  Public scenes or outburst happen from time-to-time, and I have a fun group of autism parents join me in episode #1 of ISAAC’s Autism in the Wild to:

  • Share personal stories, both serious as well as outrageously funny
  • Experiences at church and during worship
  • Ways parents made their needs known to people in the community
  • Some feelings on what parents wish the community would do to help support autism parents during these unfortunate situations.