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#141 | Technology and Neurodivergent Teens by SPD Ed Richardson

#141 | Technology and Neurodivergent Teens by SPD Ed Richardson

Technology can be an excellent tool for kids with special needs, but it’s essential to be aware of the risks involved. Preparing for safe online interactions is necessary, and it is critical to examine the particular risks and issues that youth with disabilities face online.
The Isaac Foundation, along with Ed Richardson of the Spokane Police Department, will present tips and strategies to help guide your child to use technology and digital media safely and responsibly.
Tips include:
Recognize/identify the signs of cyberbullying.
Talk with your youth about online predators.
How to teach your youth about online safety.
Use of parental controls.
#140 | Overlooked Organizations

#140 | Overlooked Organizations

In this podcast I have my son, producer Tyler, join me. Tyler has been the only person who has been with me as long as the ISAAC Foundation has been in existence and can appreciate the evolution of what is accomplished under this roof and the difference it has made in the lives of families touched by autism.

This podcast is a bit of a vent at being overlooked along with many other organizations doing good work in the community.

#139 | Understanding the World of Special Education

#139 | Understanding the World of Special Education

Maria and Holly talk about the confusing world of special education. In this episode, we share our own IEP experiences (the good and not so good), and why it’s acceptable and encouraged to advocate for goals that are meaningful for your child – not necessarily settle for goals that are proposed by your teacher.

To connect with Maria for further questions about your child’s IEP, email: Maria@theisaacfoundation.org

#137 | Tracks to Success by Skils’ kin

#137 | Tracks to Success by Skils’ kin

Saturday, March 11

9am -1pm | Open House

4004 E Boone Ave. Spokane, WA 99202

Are you or someone you know living with a disability?

Are you confused about employment options, benefits, or finances?

Attend this event for answers! We will have on-site solutions from:

  • DDA and DVR Case Managers (Service sign-up and Q&A)
  • Mary McDirmid of Special Abilities Network (ABLE accounts and financial planning)
  • Community Work Incentive Counselors (how work will impact benefits)
  • Skils’kin Staff (job opportunities, resume building, and post-graduation concerns)

visit this link to learn more and register!


Also, referenced in this podcast is Deb Skalabrin and her amazing online group called Parenting Beyond Defiance. Go check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3095960987308432

#136 | Adaptive Fire Safety Eduction for Individuals with Disabilities

#136 | Adaptive Fire Safety Eduction for Individuals with Disabilities

In this episode Holly and John Goodman share their experience doing Adaptive Fire Safety Education through the ISAAC Foundation and how the program builds skills that:

(1) helps individuals with disabilities learn the skills needed to survive a home fire – no matter their level of function and ability; and

(2) addresses risk for potential fire starting behavior.

Learn more:

Watch a special news segment featured by KHG Local News



#135 | Caleb Turns 15 Years Old

#135 | Caleb Turns 15 Years Old

Usually, Caleb counts down the days leading up to his birthday with excitment. This year, he woke up on his 15th birthday with debilitating anxiety about the prospect of getting one year closer to adulthood. In this podcast, Caleb talks about his anxieties related to all the elements of becoming an adult and strategies we can utilize to overcome some of his stressors.