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Episode #63 | Extra-Curricular Activities

Episode #63 | Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are often an important outlet for all children to take part in during their school year.  These opportunities bring about the benefit of physical activity, social and emotional communication with peers, a sense of community and more.  But are all special needs extra curricular activities created equal?  And how do we find activities our kiddos are actually interested in participating in?  Today we discuss with a few autism parents what activities they have tried, which were successful, and which were duds!

Contact Info for some of the programs we discussed:

  • Bambino Buddy-Ball | bambinobballmom1@yahoo.com | (509) 251-2588
  • Adaptive Skiing & Snowboarding | Spokaneparks.org | mtspokane.com/specialty-programs
  • Spokane Powderhounds | (509) 999-8586 Downhill skiing and snowboarding program for individuals with special needs.
  • Adaptive Skiing: (509)714-7654 for individuals with mobiity challenges.
  • Blue Waxers | Cross Country Skiing | (509) 953-6062.
  • iCan Shine Bike Camp | icanshine.org/ican-bike-spokane-wa/ | (509) 999-9603 Contact Casey Traver: icanshine.spokane@comcast.net
  • Lilac City Warriors | Lilac City Warriors’ Facebook Page, A Youth Special Olympics’ track and field team
  • PASS Soccer | monaca.pass@gmail.com | (509) 862-8065 PASS (Player Adaptive Soccer Skills) is an organization that provides soccer to children and adults with physical and/or cognitive challenges.
  • Gonzaga Exceptional Bulldogs Hockey Team | gonzagaexceptionalbulldogs@gmail.com Any child, 5 years–High School who is Differently Abled. Sponsored by Gonzaga University. Coach Mark Derby: (509) 590-9926
Episode #6 | Making it Fair Among Your Children

Episode #6 | Making it Fair Among Your Children

In this episode, a group of parents joined me to debate whether its possible to make it “fair” when raising both neuro-typical and neuro-diverse kids.   Join us for:

  • Deeper discussion on how to treat each child equal, which may not seem fair.
  • What constitutes fair?
  • The benefits of one-on-one time with each child separately.
  • Fairness between the sexes (boys vs. girls).
  • Fairness meter among siblings.