Episode #112 | Remote Support with SafeinHome

Episode #112 | Remote Support with SafeinHome

Today we are joined by Erin Holthaus with SafeinHome Remote Support Services. SafeinHome is a new service available in Washington state to help keep our loved ones with autism or other special needs safe while allowing some independence. This on-call remote support assistance is made possible using technology assisted communication devices (ie a walkie talkie or tablet/phone communication) that your loved one would use to either contact, or be contacted by, the support agency. By utilizing these technology methods SafeinHome is able to provide one-on-one care to the individual in the exact moment they need support-any time of the day.  Each family that utilizes the services can determine the type of care they would like to receive and only need to use the technology they are comfortable with (cameras are NOT required). Take a listen and learn all about the services they provide and how you can help expand these services in Washington state.


Support: 855-476-6665

Web: www.safeinhome.com

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