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#119 | Sibling Independence with guest Maria Jennings

#119 | Sibling Independence with guest Maria Jennings

On this week’s episode, Maria Jennings joins me to discuss the dynamic that having a child with a disability has made on our neurotypical children and how we have each noticed a higher level of independence and self-advocacy skills.

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Holly shares her experience using combination door knobs in her home which increases safety and provides a means for neurotypical siblings to have their own secure space. https://www.amazon.com/Signstek-Keyless-Digital-Electronic-Security/dp/B00KS3JC30?pd_rd_w=c3bUq&pf_rd_p=07da9b2f-52f3-4fa6-b605-4458a1e54cf1&pf_rd_r=6R7D68GAYSBMFW69TFMK&pd_rd_r=6e8a228e-37d3-478b-833f-4e7d1cf0cd97&pd_rd_wg=7uwUR&pd_rd_i=B00KS3JC30&psc=1&ref_=pd_bap_d_rp_36_i

Holly also explains the benefit of registering an ISAAC Alert (911 dispatch note linked to your home address) if you have locking interior doors and window at your home: https://theisaacfoundation.configio.com/page/programsisaacalert

Families who are interested in accessing ISAAC Foundation’s Sibling Spotlight program can find the registration link here: https://theisaacfoundation.configio.com/page/siblingspotlight

#115 | The Arc of Spokane

#115 | The Arc of Spokane

In this episode of ISAAC’S Autism in the Wild Holly is joined by the Executive Director of the Arc of Spokane, Sima Thorpe. Sima is here to tell us all about The Arc of Spokane and introduces us to two of her most recent hires, Jennifer and Maria. Together this group discusses the different programs available to families in our area and how we plan to work together to help meet the needs of the developmentally disabled populations in Spokane and extending into our rural areas.

The Arc of Spokane:

Questions on resources and services:



For Spokane Parent to Parent Resources:

Maria Jennings



Facebook:  Parent to Parent of Spokane County | Facebook


For Pend Orielle and Stevens County Parent to Parent Resources:

Micaela Herman



Parent to Parent of Stevens and Pend Oreille Counties | Facebook


Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Jim Lane



Episode #107 | Autism & Siblings-Kelly’s Story

Episode #107 | Autism & Siblings-Kelly’s Story

This week on ISAAC’S Autism in the Wild our host Holly is joined by a VERY special guest, her daughter Kelly.  Kelly is 11 years old and has been raised in an “autism house” since day one.  Her older brother Caleb (13yrs) has ASD 1 and now through Holly’s recent marriage she has gained an 18 year old step-brother, Cooper, who is more significantly impacted.

On this episode we discuss what life is like as a neuro-typical kid in a home where autism is present.  As Kelly will divulge it is not all roses and sunshine, despite that, Kelly has a very optimistic view of her life and the challenges autism presents in general.  Kelly is a very kind, empathetic young woman that is a fierce advocate for her brothers.  She discusses the issues that have arisen as a result of autism, how she has dealt with those issues, as well as what she sees in the future for herself and her brothers with autism.

Episode 103 | Self Advocate: Sydney

Episode 103 | Self Advocate: Sydney

This week on ISAAC’S Autism in the Wild our host Holly is joined by Sydney. Sydney is a 27 year old self advocate that just relocated to Spokane from Alaska.  We cover it all in this episode: from her diagnosis as a child, to her career in Alaska, and now how she is settling in to life in Spokane. Sydney is an ambitious young woman with a strong sense of self and will be a great ambassador for self advocates in Spokane, we are happy to have met with her and look forward to collaborating with her again soon!

Episode 102 | Bullying

Episode 102 | Bullying

In this episode we discuss bullying, we have talked about this in the past in other episodes but felt that we had enough content to re-visit and dedicate an entire episode.  We have three moms joining our host Holly and all of them have dealt with bullying to some extent when raising their children.  Each of the parents recount the situations and share how the issues were resolved. We also discuss how the world has changed and cover how the bullying of 2021 compares to the “bully standards” of the 1990s when we were living the middle/high school experience.

UPDATE: Be sure to listen after the closing statements, we get a little update from Holly regarding Caleb’s rocket project in school


Power of words: TikTok video by _iamdiosa_

Episode #59 | Sibling Spotlight

Episode #59 | Sibling Spotlight

This week we are talking with Roni, our Sibling Spotlight Facilitator at the ISAAC Foundation. Sibling Spotlight is a specially designed program for kids of all ages who all have one thing in common. They each have a sibling touched by autism or other special needs. The goal of the program is to provide a healthy support system and coping skills through fun and engaging activities that ultimately help them navigate this complicated journey. This is a monthly program, offered exclusively by the ISAAC Foundation, where young people come together in a fun and safe environment to interact with peers, mentors and program facilitators.

We are discussing the importance of sibling support and how to determine if your neuro-typical children are struggling with living  in an autism household.

To view details about our Sibling Spotlight program or to register your child for the 2020-2021 session visit the ISAAC Foundation’s site here: https://theisaacfoundation.configio.com/page/siblingspotlight

Episode #6 | Making it Fair Among Your Children

Episode #6 | Making it Fair Among Your Children

In this episode, a group of parents joined me to debate whether its possible to make it “fair” when raising both neuro-typical and neuro-diverse kids.   Join us for:

  • Deeper discussion on how to treat each child equal, which may not seem fair.
  • What constitutes fair?
  • The benefits of one-on-one time with each child separately.
  • Fairness between the sexes (boys vs. girls).
  • Fairness meter among siblings.