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Episode #39 | Should Parent’s Participate in Weekly Therapy

Episode #39 | Should Parent’s Participate in Weekly Therapy

In this unique episode, we virtually connected our guests (due to the need for social distancing) to discuss the pros and cons of participating in weekly therapy visits. In this episode, we talk about:

  • the benefits and potential gains when parents participate in weekly therapy;
  • the challenges associated with participating in weekly therapy;
  • how to keep partners/spouses involved in therapy when they work outside the home;
  • Using therapy time as self-care time;
  • What to do if your provider prevents you from participating in therapy.
Episode #11 | Caregiver Self-Care

Episode #11 | Caregiver Self-Care

Our focus this week is on caregiver self-care.  Self-care is difficult for any parent to fit into their day – but it often becomes more challenging for parents of special needs kids when respite care is hard to come by.  In this week’s episode of ISAAC’s Autism in the Wild Podcast, a small group of moms joined me for a lunch hour to discuss:

  • What does caregiver self-care look like?
  • Reconciling mommy guilt.
  • Creative ways these moms have been able to sneak self-care into their day.
  • Dad vs. mom self-care.
  • Setting boundaries to protect your self-care activities.
  • How much self-care is needed per week.